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Call Tracy at 218-722-2695 with questions!

Fall Leagues

Date Team Time Type
Every Other Sunday 4 person Team 05:30 PM (Open Mixed League)
Sundays 4 person Team 06:00 PM (Open Mixed League)
Mondays 4 person Team 06:30 PM (Open Mixed League)
Tuesdays 4 person Team 06:30 PM (Open Mixed League)
Tuesdays 4 person Team 07:30 PM (Open League)
Wednesdays 4 person Team 06:30 PM (Open League – Scratch)
Thursday Morning Senior Men 4 person Team 10:00 AM (Open League)
Thursdays 4 person Team 06:30 PM (Open Mixed League)
Fridays 4 Person Team 06:30 PM (Open Mixed League)
Saturdays – Youth Bowling – 9:00 AM – Fall & Winter Seasons

Openings available in all leagues!!!!

All leagues start after Labor Day!


Below are the very important team captain meetings & start dates.  It is imperative that a designated captain for every returning team attends their league meeting to determine if you have holes to fill.  We have had interest and calls from new teams and individuals looking to join our current leagues.   Designated captains please contact your teammates before your meeting so we can have accurate numbers of available spots on each league. If you know of any new bowlers or teams that are looking to join, please let me know or have them call Tracy so we can get the information out to them!  If you need contact info for teammates please contact Tracy at Incline Station (218)722-2695



                                                             LEAGUE MEETING DATES                                  LEAGUE START DATES


Center Couples                                         Sunday    8/27/23                      5:30 PM                  09/10/23

Odd Couples                                             Sunday    8/27/23                      6:00 PM                   09/10/23

Western Handicap                                   Monday   8/28/23                     6:30 PM                  09/11/22

Merchant Classic                                      Tuesday   8/29/23                     7:00 PM                  09/05/23

Church League                                          Tuesday   8/29/23                      6:30 PM                    09/05/23

Duluth Major League                          Wednesday 8/30/23                     6:30 PM                  09/06/23

Clergy League                                           Thursday 8/31/23                     10:00AM                        09/07/23

Highwaymen League                             Thursday   8/31/23                      6:30 PM                 09/07/23

Duluth Jr. Major                                          Friday     9/1/23                       6:30 PM                 09/08/23


Junior Bowling-Youth                   Registration on Sept. 9th from 9am-11am


***Any bowlers interested in getting ball work done or needing some new equipment, now is the time to get your appointment set up with Rick or Travis. Please give them a call or email to arrange a time***